Native Marine Centre - Carbon Neutral

Native Marine Centre is a carbon neutral company.

NMC made a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. NMC is an ethically driven marine centre and for this reason we wanted to lead the way in becoming a fully certified Carbon Neutral company making us one of the few in our Industry in the UK to have a net zero carbon footprint.

In order to offset our carbon emissions we retired VCUs produced by two projects selected specifically for their sound methodology and strong social co-benefits. Further detail regarding these projects can be found below


Sulige Natural Gas based Power Generation Project, China

VCS Project ID: 368
Estimated Annual VCUs (Tonnes of CO2e Reductions): 1,504,618
Project Proponent: Sulige Fuel Gas Power Generation Co.


Project Description

The Project is a peak regulation power plant including installation of two sets of 175 MW air-cooling gas steam combined cycle power generation equipment which use natural gas to generate electricity. The project feeds approximately 1,196 GWh per year into the North China Grid via two 220 kV outlet circuits.

The Project clearly fits into the development priority of China. It will support China in stimulating and accelerating the technology development. It will therefore help reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions resulting from the high-growth, coal-dominated business-as-usual scenario.

In 2008 the project was certified by the UNFCCC as meeting the criteria defined by the Clean Development Mechanism and therefore now produces Certified Emissions Reductions.

Environmental Benefits

  • Mitigation of air pollution and CO2 emissions caused by coal-fired power plants by production of clean electricity from natural gas - a low carbon content fuel
  • Compared with coal-fired power plant the project can reduce water consumption by about 67%, and reduce emissions of 509 tons of SO2, 3,876 tons of NOX, 148 tons of CO, 221 tons of total suspending particle and 81,000 tons of ash per year

 Social and Economic Co-Benefits

  • Improving infrastructural facilities such as roads and communication through the project activity
  • Improving reliability and safety of power supply in local grid as a peak regulation power plant
  • Creating employment opportunities during construction of the Project and creating 100 positions

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VCS Project Database:
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Chubu Electric Purchase CERs from CDM Project:
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Sulige Fuel Gas Power Generation Co. produced a video portraying social and environmental benefits of the project which won 1st prize in UNFCCC’s ‘CDM Changing Lives’ competition:



86 MW Hydro Project in Himachal Pradesh, India

VCS Project ID: 93
Primary Sectoral Scope: Energy (renewable/non-renewable)
Estimated Annual VCUs (Tonnes of CO2e Reductions): 246,866
Project Proponent: Manala Power Company Ltd


Project Description

The purpose of the project activity is to generate electricity by using the renewable energy source (water) for a grid system in the state of Himachal Pradesh, India. The project activity displaces electricity and greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions currently produced by thermal fossil fuel-burning facilities . Electricity generated by the project activity is exported to the PTC (Power Trading Company) India Ltd. This electricity will be further delivered to HVPNL (Haryana Vidyut Prasar Nigam Limited and MPCL (Madhya Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd.).

Environmental Benefits

  • Installation of hydro‐electric project has led to a reduced reliance on fossil fuels and has therefore reduced greenhouse gas emissions in the region.
  • Run of the river Project; no storage dam built upstream or downstream.

Social and Economic Co-benefits

  • Construction of Primary School building and appointment of teachers at the village of Chowki (near the project site).
  • Distribution of clothing, books and stationery to the school children in the area.
  • Upgrading of local medical facilities.
  • Renovation of Improvement and broadening of the 23 km long Bhuntun - Manikaran Highway.
  • Generation of skilled and unskilled employment opportunities.

VCS Project Database:
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