Native Marine Centre Partners

A bit about our human friends Fishermen

Native Marine Centre has developed an essential close relationship with local fishermen without which we would simply be unable to operate. We use specialist adapted fishing methods, local knowledge skills and traditional fishing methods to assist us in collections.

Native Marine Centre works alongside the commercial fishing fleet to provide a wide range of species. Many species of interest have no commercial value, so previously would have been discarded or used as bait. Working closely with these fishermen we utilise tailor-made soft mesh nets and trawls for the collection of marine animals with life support systems in place aboard the vessels we work with to ensure the best survival rate of specimens.

We increase the awareness of marine life within areas of interest, generate additional revenue for local fishermen and help encourage the knowledge of species, in order to provide the quality specimens for select institutions to progress in the advance of marine life study. Our projects also help to give those involved a sense of conservation and to operate more considerably when fishing.

Fish Farms

Fish FarmsNative Marine Centre provides fish farms with marine animals to help combat parasites within their stock. This helps maintain a healthy fish farm using natural methods. Many parasites today are immune to chemical treatments, so in order to combat this, fish farms are breeding large numbers of wrasse from our collections as a natural remedy to this.

Research, education and management are the keys to a more efficient, responsible and sustainable future for our fish farms and seas.


AquariumsWe build realistic native displays at aquariums adhering closely to guidelines set in place by The British & Irish Zoo Association (BIAZA), which promotes the message of conservation and creates public awareness of what lives in our seas.

Native Marine Centre has worked with Plymouth National Marine Aquarium, Weymouth Sea Life Park and Bristol Aquarium to build up their levels of fish stock and help set up their native displays.


UniversitiesNative Marine Centre assists many universities across the UK, supplying specimens for unique study programs. The research developed from our collections provides massive benefits to the scientific community, which help to establish new research programs. These essential studies are helping the scientific community develop a greater knowledge of marine life and is helping to support the fight to safeguard our seas. Studies include effects of climate change and pollution.