Current Research Projects

Survival and Exploitation Rate Survey

At present we are conducting a Survival and exploitation rate survey to assess the short & long term discard survival rate of commercially caught species Undulate Ray (Raja Undulata), Thornback Ray (Raja Clavata) & Spotted Ray (Raja Montagui) to identify the exploitation rate and subsequent impact on stock assessment.

This survey is intended to give a more realistic assessment of our current stocks and will be incorporated into CEFAS’s current stock assessments, helping identify with proven research how exploitive certain methods are and assessing the true impact of discards.

This will be very beneficial to both the scientific and fishing community by building relationships between UK fishers and scientists and to involve fishers in the co-commissioning of science. The study will provide scientific data to aid policy intervention; increase our understanding of our fragile marine stocks and subsequently promote the use of sustainable gear.

Survey of Non- Commercial Species

With so much focus being put on the fragility of commercially caught species, Little is known on the state and abundance of non-commercial species which play a vital role with in the ecosystem. As all our operations are governed by the: MMO Marine Management Organization and Natural England. Our reputation within the scientific and fishing industry has enabled us to build a good rapport with local fisherman and subsequently enabled us to gather extensive fish collection records of both commercial and non-commercial species. This data is intended to be a fundamental instrument in aiding the MMO, CEFAS & Southern Inshore Fisheries Association (SIFCA) with their current stock assessments and providing scientific data to assist in surveying local areas.