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Who are we?

NMC: Team
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Mike Webb started his career in the building industry before moving over to the world of aquaculture as a commercial fisherman in 2006 driven by his life long love of fishing. In 2008 Mike set up the NMC, creating a gateway for universities and institutions to have access to marine species promoting education and a greater awareness of whats in our oceans and how to protect them. 
Mike still carries his passion for building today and has built the NMC and DCF units in portland port from the ground up.

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Richard Prickett has been involved in marine aquaculture since 1974. His experience is world-wide and has included working on many of the commercial species now in production such as turbot, sea bream, sea bass, flounder, sole, cod and sub tropical species such as cobia, snapper and Pacific threadfin. Today he is working mainly on cleaner fish production for lice control in the farmed salmon industry as well as working with the production of seaweeds and shellfish.

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